A-4 Fish Harbor West Wharf Karachi Pakistan.
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Shrimp Fishery

The shrimp fishery is very meaningful because of foreign exchange earned and employment produced from it. Out of 30 recorded species 12 are exploited commercially, local fishermen dividing the shrimps from commercial catch into three main categories, Jaira, Kalri and Kiddi.

Tuna fishery

Tuna is a beautiful and highly evolved predator of our temperate and tropical oceans. Tuna is not one fish but a group of different tuna species that are a member of the fish family Scombridae. The fishing of tuna varieties is another appreciable aspect of the industry.

Benthic fishery

Small-scale benthic or demersal fishery is most common in coastal inshore waters. Benthic varieties include the marine jewfish, croakers, grunters, snappers, groupers, ribbonfish and pomfrets.

Pelagic fishery

A small-scale pelagic fishery is in operation in Sindh, using special nets, locally termed 'katra'. Fishing is carried out from 'hora' boats - wooden sailboats with pointed ends, a broad breadth and long-shaft outboard engine.

Karachi Fish Harbour

The Karachi Fish Harbor was built in 1955-56. It is located at a distance of 5 km from the entrance of the Karachi commercial port. Over ninety percent of the Pakistan's seafood catches and exports pass through the Karachi fish harbor.

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Pasni Fish Harbour

Pasni Fish Harbor is located in Pasni, Baluchistan, Pakistan. In order to increase fish production by providing improved fishing technology and basic infrastructure to improve the socioeconomic conditions of fishermen community along the Mekran coast.

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Gwadar Fish Harbor

Gwadar Fish Harbor is located in the city of Gwadar which is situated at about 290 miles west of Karachi on the Baluchistan coast. About twenty-three percent of the total fish catch for the country is obtained from Baluchistan, out of which the share of Gwadar is thirty-seven percent.

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